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Standard Challenger 2022 Decks Spoiled Early by Amazon Listing

Wizards is seemingly making it an annual tradition to release a set of Standard Challenger decks. Last year’s choices were fairly competitive and included several valuable rares that almost make up for the cost of the entire deck.

This year appears to be no different according to an Amazon listing that spoiled the 2022 Standard Challenger decks.

Standard Challenger Decks 2022 Spoilers

The lineup includes a nice variety of playstyles but is notably missing the most popular deck in the format—Izzet Control.

Instead, players can look forward to Mono-White Aggro, Gruul Stompy, Dimir Control, and Rakdos Vampires.

It will be interesting to see how these decks compare to their true competitive versions as the latter are packed with several high-end cards.

For instance, will we see a copy of The Meathook Massacre in the Dimir Control build? Will Mono-White contain snow lands to include Faceless Haven? Could Wizards somehow include a chase mythic like Goldspan Dragon in the Gruul deck?

Only time will tell. Fortunately, players don’t have to wait long to find out.

These decks are slated to release on April 1st, 2022. Don’t expect these decks to be an April Fool’s joke either.

We’ll keep you updated with what you can expect from these decks once the official lists are released later this year. In the meantime, you might want to hold off on buying some chase cards that fit the nature of these builds until they release since prices are sure to drop if they are included.

You can also preorder your Standard Challenger 2022 decks using our affiliate link to help support Bolt the Bird!


What do you think of the new Standard Challenger 2022 decks? Are you looking forward to these decks or will you be building your own list for this year?


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