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MTGO Modern League 5-0 Results (01/07/2022)


Full Results here

Direct links courtesy of Reddit user /u/FereMiyJeenyus and their MTGO Results Scraper


  • Wizards posts 5-0 League drops every Tuesday/Friday, rain or shine. Holidays are the exception.

  • The criteria of decks showing up is a 20-card difference from other decks, per Wizards. So 20 Jund lists 5-0'ing may result in only 1 or 2 Jund lists showing in the dump.

  • Don't take League results as true metagame share, as the above removes the number of results.

  • Naming is a best guess. Feel free to correct it in the comments or on Reddit and I will edit it in.

  • I will highlight anything interesting, of course depending on time. Old Favorites will have decks that haven't been showing up in a while or classics, Spicy Decks will have new and unique decks, and Interesting Tech will have existing and meta decks that have some interesting new cards.

  • I primarily save my more opinionated opinions for the bottom.

Old Favorites

  • GR Karnza: Full flavor here with main deck Liquimetal Coating along with Karn, the Great Creator and the wishboard to start blowing up lands right away! The maindeck Ancient Grudge for blowing up lands or artifacts in an artifact prevalent meta feels real good too! And yes, of course, Blood Moon.

  • 5c Humans: 3 Magus of the Moon in the side! You gotta respect that, considering there is a single basic in the deck, and it's not even green for the Noble Hierarch. Otherwise, it's a pretty standard post VOW list with Adeline and Esper Sentinel taking starring roles

  • GR Ponza: This is right on old classic Ponza, with 4 moons, 4 pillages (in place of Stone Rain), Chandra, and a bunch of the best GR creatures. I love it! The maindeck Klothys, God of Destiny is IMO one of the subtlety better cards in the archetype, as it is so sticky to everything but Prismatic Ending.

  • Bant Boggles (Lurrus): So this is really cool; we've got two separate versions today. In version one here, we've got the 4 maindeck Force of Negation and plenty of blue enchantments to pitch to it. In addition, while those auras don't get the boggle as big, they add serious card draw and evasion to refill the hand in case of a board wipe or chumps.

  • Bant Boggles (Lurrus): And in our other version, Sythis, Harvest's Hand is a cool include to get additional draws. It also goes all-in on auras with cards like All That Glitters with protection in the form of Hyena Umbra and Spider Umbra, and Warbriar Blessing for interaction!

Spicy Decks

  • UR Grinding Breach: You know who's a legendary creature? Ragavan, Nimble Pilferer! Urza's Saga also makes artifacts, and it turns out Grinding Station likes having artifacts! This is a really cool list iterating on older breach decks, and adding a clock with Ragavan, DRC, and Saga over the more stalling style of prior breach lists.

  • Sultai Vengevine: A repeat dump for this list; Higher consistency than the HollowVine Vengevine archetype, and as I mentioned last time, the Rotting Rats is such a nice include. The list also has 4 Creeping Chills for early chip damage or to be a last-minute finisher.

  • Temur Time Control: WaToO is back out here with their 4 Time Warp & Control deck, showing that Snapcaster Mage is still a great card. An interesting 25 lands, with 10 fetches, 10 fetchables, and 4 utility lands, including 3 tap lands and a further two possibly tapped lands.

  • B Food Reanimator: It's been a minute since we saw the Archon of Cruelty + Asmoranomardicadaistinaculdacar deck, including the very, very rarely seen Herald of Anguish. Much like Enigmatic Incarnation, there is a world of difference between 'on your upkeep' and 'on your end step.' A singleton Feasting Troll King as well!

  • Phoenix Dredge: My vote for the most interesting deck of the dump! Arclight Phoenix + Dredge + enablers? It turns out Faithless Salvaging isn't terrible in Dredge for dredging at instant speed, and Otherworldly Gaze is good for both Dredge and Phoenix! Flame Jab + Life from the Loam doing their best Punishing Fire imitation as well.

  • Bant Humans: Some cool new includes with one-of Knight of the White Orchid and Lavabrink Venturer. Normally I'd say this might be further evidence that Aether Vial isn't quite as good as Collected Company, but there are a lot of vial decks too! That being said, the Bant list keeps the disruption and clock of Humans, while being less vulnerable to Blood Moon and running Shardless Agent to double cast on T3.

  • U Mill: All blue except for Gut Shot - of which there are 4. Instead of leaning on interaction, this list is go-go-go, with Into the Story as an easy way to fill the hand back up like Visions of Beyond and Trapmaker's Snare to be copies five through eight of Archive Trap. At this point, might as well call it Deck Burn.

  • BG Reanimator (Gyruda): Dredge Phoenix up there might be my favorite list, but this list right here has one of my favorite cards: Mwonvuli Acid-Moss. Now, why is this list playing a 4 mana spell, you might ask? Well, that's because it's a Gyruda, Doom of Depths deck! Some fascinating choices in here, from running Steve in addition to Acid-Moss to ramp up to the big boys, along with targets like Grave Titan, Archon of Cruelty, and Sundering Titan to either Persist back or hard cast. Witch's Cottage is a cool way to use a land to topdeck gas as well!

  • BG SuperFriends: A much more color-limited superfriends, but Liliana, the Last Hope, Nissa, Vital Force, Sorin the Mirthless and Vraska, Golgari Queen back up the rest of the usual Golgari suspects. Going light on the planeswalkers gives the deck room for BG staples like Tarmogoyf, Assassin's Trophy, and Fatal Push. And a single Llanowar Elves for flavor.

  • 4c Domain Zoo (Lurrus): A primarily Naya build, dipping black for Scourge of the Skyclaves to get some big range against Death's Shadow (Barring the Dress Down) and other big creature decks. It's been a minute since people saw double-striking Scourge and it requires a bit of mental math to know your safe range from it.

  • RW MoonBlade: First of all, of course, 4 maindeck Blood Moon. Second of all, I'm happy to see Fervent Champion continue to be an addition to blade decks; as that free equip is really nice; And lastly, I don't think I've ever seen 2 Sword of Fire and Ice in the main before.

Interesting Tech

  • W Hammer: A neat variation on the Lurrus-less hammer; dropping the cat for Kaldra Compleat, Nettlecyst, and Sword of Fire and Ice. I think it's an interesting direction to go and gives the deck a whole different axis of attack than the Hammer combo.

  • W Death & Taxes: A pretty standard taxes list except for the Professor of Symbology! Taxes pilots had experimented with it after the card dropped in Strixhaven, as top-deck/draw has always been the downfall of D&T since your opponent can recover before you kill them. A wishboard here has Academic Probation, Inkling Summoning, Reduce to Memory, and Spirit Summoning to solve any problem!

  • 4c Rokiric Domain (Jegantha): I don't think I've seen Qasali Ambusher in a league dump before; and I think most Modern players who've ever built a GW deck have tried to jam it into a deck at least once. A really, really cool card against any deck looking to jam an attack on T1 or T2.

  • Temur Domain: Who needs bolt snap bolt when you can eventually Tribal Flames snap Tribal Flames? (there are still bolts here)

  • R Midrange: MHayashi ditches Obosh, the Prey Piercer for Abbot of Keral Keep, otherwise very, very similar to the prior Obosh lists. Also, just a visually satisfying list with four-ofs across the board except for the three Blood Moon in the sideboard.

  • Merfolk: Interestingly enough, no spell-based interaction here, such as Charm or Force. Instead, it relies on creatures and Spreading Seas.

  • U Tron: Interesting to see Thirst for Discovery making it in; there are 8 artifacts to discard but only 7 basic islands.

  • E Tron: Thanks to u/EverinEch for pointing this out; here is an E-tron list with no Smashers and mainboarded Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger and Emrakul, the Promised End. Of a really interesting note is the two copies of Ugin, the Ineffable and two copies of Endbringer. Frequently lists reserve just two slots for either a 1-1 split of those cards or just two for one of them.


  1. Looks like it's gonna be a busy year for the IRS. Three separate taxes lists!

  2. I'd like to find a better name for what I keep calling BR Persist/Midrange; MTG top eight and Goldfish don't seem to have a good consensus on it either, from my cursory view.

  3. So, quick elicitation for feedback here; as I want to figure out what people value most and/or want from these dumps. When I was reading them, and why I started posting them after they stopped, was that I appreciate the highlighting of new, old, and differing things - thus my sections. That being said, I'm just one person, so if y'all have any ideas on additional things you want, i.e. tagging your username if you make a dump, prevalence of archetypes, I dunno, feel free to comment it.


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