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MTGO Modern League 5-0 Results (01/11/2022)


Full Results

Direct links courtesy of /u/FereMiyJeenyus and their MTGO Results Scraper


  • Wizards posts 5-0 League drops every Tue/Friday, rain or shine. Holidays are the exception.

  • The criteria of decks showing up is a 20-card difference from other decks, per Wizards. So 20 Jund lists 5-0'ing may result in only one or two Jund lists showing in the dump.

  • Don't take League results as true metagame share, as the above removes the number of results.

  • Naming is a best guess. Feel free to correct it in the comments and I will edit it.

  • I will highlight anything interesting, of course depending on time. Old Favorites will have decks that haven't been showing up in a while or classics, Spicy Decks will have new and unique decks, and Interesting Tech will have existing and meta decks that have some interesting new cards.

  • I primarily save my more opinionated opinions for the bottom.

Old Favorites

  • Mardu Pyromancer: Yes, you read that correctly. A blend between the BR Rock creature package and Dreadhorde Arcanist + Young Pyromancer. Main deck Blood Moon and a main deck Lurrus of the Dream-Den! And yes, even Lingering Souls. Welcome back, young peezy.

  • W Martyr Proc (Yorion): Who cares about a 13/13 when you can gain that back every turn? Abiding Grace continues to prove its worth by giving Martyr Proc legs.

  • U Tron: And dump, another different U Tron list. Two spaghetti and 3 Ugins are a bit out of the norm. It is wild seeing maindeck Negate in 2022, however.

  • G Elves: A slick combo variation with Collected Company and Chord of Calling, along with Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx to get value out of the green pips. However, a special note to the sideboard running both Blood Moon and a Magus of the Moon to hit with a spell.

  • GW Heliod: Heliod getting maindeck Sanctifier en-Vec has been a great upgrade for the deck; and it's nice to see the deck continue to put up results, even if it's a bit tedious to play on MTGO.

  • R Eldrazi: Perennial 'almost there' deck has been looking much, much better in the MH2 era with the dual upgrades of Fury and Ragavan, Nimble Pilferer finally adding some depth to the red cards.

  • UR Prowess: That's right, another blast from the not so different past. Former top dog, and while the abundance of creature removal has made the deck much weaker in the current meta, it can still get there. The usual 12 Prowess creatures - Soul-Scar Mage, Monastery Swiftspear, and Stormwing Entity - are here, but Dragon's Rage Channeler takes the flex spot, and I'm sure it feels great.

Spicy Decks

  • UW Affinity: Skipping the red for the white adds in card advantage, in addition to the usual Thought Monitor with Esper Sentinel and Ingenious Smith, and very notably with the latter gives the deck a threat that isn't vulnerable to artifact hate.

  • Naya Saga (Lurrus): The usual GR + Saga package is here, but a light dip of white for the Esper Sentinel + Prismatic Ending. However, white does allow for some extremely situationally-powerful sideboard cards over black; Hushbringer to turn off Elementals (don't forget that an evoke Elemental stays around, though) and Path to Exile is still one of the few reliable ways to get rid of a Murktide Regent.

  • Esper Oracle: It's Ad Naus, but with no Ad Naseum! This list ditches the old mainstay for 4 Demonic Bargain, and is also running Serum Powder to pitch away some of the deck before the game even starts. Spoils of the Vault remains for the instant speed win with Thassa's Oracle.

  • 4c Domain Zoo: Let me preempt you; no monke, no DRC. This is a wild list with Savage Knuckleblade, Snapcaster Mage, and Wild Nacatl, along with some great 1 and 2 mana spells to let the snappies shine. Maindeck Stubborn Denial is a treat to see!

  • Temur Time Control: This time, not by WaTOO, but the - to my glance - same list. Very similar to a Wilderness Reclamation deck but dropping the Rec and Nexus of Fate for 4 Time Warps.

  • Naya Ponza (Obosh): Perhaps a bit hasty in calling it Ponza, but that's the closest descriptor I can find. The white is limited to Prismatic Ending in the main, but plenty of good sideboard cards including Blossoming Calm and Path to Exile. Otherwise, it's a very Ponza list, barring the lack of LD, with Stormbreath Dragon, Arbor Elf, and the best GR creatures the pilot wants.

  • Abzan Saga (Lurrus): The green here is really light; primarily for Tarmogoyf, which of course is an incredible Shadowspear target. Otherwise, the switch from red to white allows for the insanely flexible Kaya's Guile to be a three-of in the main, along with Esper Sentinel for pain-free draw and Bob for bolting yourself.

  • UW Mill (Lurrus): What's better? Counter + Removal or Unconditional Removal? navi_stabber says the latter, with Prismatic Ending over Drown in the Loch by switching black to white in Mill. UW Mill has shown up on occasion in these dumps, and the Portable Hole and Path to Exile - sadly a may - help with the drag race matchups Mill struggles with.

  • GR Creativity Titan: Another evolution in the GR Titanshift archetype for 2022. We've seen the Indomitable Creativity + Titanshift blend before, to add a combo kill to the inevitability that doesn't require Scapeshift. An interesting include here is Verdant Command both for it's interaction but also for making squirrels to spin into.

  • GR TitanlessNoShift (Obosh): It's literally Obosh Titanshift except removing the Titan and removing the Shift. Probably the most funny deck list I've seen since the Slogurk Assault Loam list. It even keeps a Scapeshift in the side to get back with Wish. Otherwise, it's all one, three, and five MV Ramp + Interaction + Valakut. Potential other names include Zoomer Scapeshift or WishAkut

  • GW Titan (Yorion): Nothing like flickering a Titan with Ephemerate to get more lands, or actually being able to put a Titan in hand on your opponent's end step with Eladamri's Call, without having to pay 4 on the upkeep. Something you might not know: Elvish Rejuvenator says 'look top 5 and put a land tapped on the battlefield'.

  • RW MoonBlade: My favorite deck of the dump, as I'm a sucker for any Blood Moon deck, but especially one with a clock. Sword of Light and Shadow might seem like an odd include over the more usual Sword of Feast and Famine but when you remember that Fervent Champion can get a swing in for one mana, and the free equip, it feels like a great rebuild after wipe tool. (Plus you can get Fervent Champion off of Ranger Captain of Eos. And sac to prevent spells. (And then get back the Ranger Captain!)

  • UB Control: (duplicate pilot, link points to other list): With every deck trying its best to draw spells every single turn, including the opponent's, Narset, Parter of Veils turning Archmage's Charm or the Teferi, Hero of Dominaria into a whiff feels really good. Plus, the deck has some incredible non-creature spells. Drown in the Loch gives GDS and Mill legs to answer anything either on the stack or on the battlefield, and Dress Down stops a tremendous amount of shenanigans.

  • BG Food: Again, with how much Modern is currently defined by creatures, a deck packing a repeatable six self-damage has a way to clear the board with ease! Artifact hate aside.

Interesting Tech

  • Bant Enchantress (Yorion): Technically not quite Bant; there is a single Blood Moon in the main and in the side!

  • RW Burn (Lurrus): There has been lots of experimenting with the RW shell - this one is notable for simply replacing Goblin Guide with Dragon's Rage Channeler, and keeping the remainder of the RW Burn shell.

  • UW Control: Dropping Kaheera for Wall of Omens is pretty cool; while paying three for a pitch card at will is good, it's also a six-mana play to put out a blocker. Wall of Omens serves great at block a wide amount of the field and doesn't die to monke, bolt, or no-delirium Unholy Heat, and still pitches to Solitude

  • Jeskai Control (Kaheera): Some cool tech in the control shells is popping up, between Dress Down main to blow up Karnstructs and stop ETBs, to respecting the possible Tron match up with Crumble to Dust).

  • E Tron: Another interesting E Tron list; Karn Liberated is an uncommon include in E-Tron, very rarely showing up, but so are the three spaghettis main: Emrakul, the Promised End, Kozilek, the Great Distortion, and Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger. The latter sometimes shows up as a one/two-of main, however.


  1. What I've been calling BR Persist is officially BR Undying for these dumps from now on.

  2. A bunch of Hammer iterations, really showing off how flexible the core shell is.


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