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A MTG x Street Fighter Secret Lair is Coming Soon — Here's What You Need to Know

Secret Lair drops have been getting a lot friendlier with characters and settings outside of those traditionally in the world of Magic. From a League of Legends Arcane drop to one inspired by Stranger Things, WotC hasn't shied away from including other IPs in its direct sale bundles. Fans of the ever-popular Street Fighter game can now look forward to the same.

While the arrival of this Secret Lair was announced last summer, WotC just showed off the cards (and their sweet art) in their entirety.

Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about the upcoming Street Fighter Secret Lair drop.

When Does the Street Fighter Secret Lair Go on Sale?

Like most Secret Lair drops, players will have a limited time to get their copies. This will be another print-to-demand set that gets fulfilled after everyone has a chance to place their order.

The Street Fighter Secret Lair will go on sale through the official WotC site on February 18. Players will then have until March 18 to get their orders in. Once that window closes, you'll no longer be able to get your hands on this drop.

How Much Does the Street Fighter Secret Lair Cost?

As of right now, we don't know how much the Street Fighter Secret Lair will cost. We'll update this post once when the drop goes live on the 18th.

In the meantime, we can speculate. The Stranger Things drop that launched back in October cost $39.99 for the non-foil version and $49.99 for foils. Like the upcoming Street Fighter launch, that drop also contained eight mechanically unique cards.

As such, it seems fairly safe to say that this drop will be priced similarly.

What's in the Street Fighter Secret Lair?

For fans of Street Fighter, this Secret Lair is a huge flavor win. Each of the eight cards features a character found in the original Street Fighter 2 game. One notable exception is M. Bison. However, it's quite likely that he'll be the secret bonus card that comes with the drop.

As far as the cards we know about, we'll see:

  • E. Honda, Sumo Champion

  • Ryu, World Warrior

  • Ken, Burning Brawler

  • Blanka, Ferocious Friend

  • Chun-Li, Countless Kicks

  • Dhalsim, Pliable Pacifist

  • Guile, Sonic Soldier

  • Zangeif, the Red Cyclone

Notably, each card is mechanically unique and features something befitting of the Street Fighter character it represents.

For instance, Guile being red, white, and blue is a big flavor win. Ryu using the untap symbol is also a nice callback. Not to mention the fact that he and Ken are essentially opposites—both in terms of their color identities/activations and power/toughness. Dhalsim having hexproof except when attacking as well as reach is a tribute to his flexible nature.

Of course, we can't forget Chun-Li's multikicker ability, which may be the most flavorful mechanic of them all. E. Honda focusing on toughness while also referencing the Hundred Handed One is perfection. Meanwhile, Blanka's requirement of casting three spells is a callback to the use of three punches when attacking.

Ultimately, these eight cards are packed with incredible flavor and should appeal to any Street Fighter fan. They also look powerful for Commander, though their power level is certainly within reason.

Is Street Fighter Secret Lair Worth It?

Much like last year's Stranger Things drop, the Street Fighter Secret Lair is a great deal for fans of the game. The cards contained look very fun—especially for Commander play and casual games.

Meanwhile, the art is also sweet. Those who aren't fans of the game could easily mistake most of the cards for being regular Magic cards. However, Street Fighter fans will certainly appreciate the flavor the art brings.

Can I Get Street Fighter Secret Lair Cards Without Buying the Drop?

If you want these cards with their original Street Fighter art and names, you'll need to buy the drop when it launches later this week.

However, players who want the cards but aren't a fan of Street Fighter will be able to get their Magic-themed counterparts in about six months.

WotC previously announced that the Stranger Things cards will start showing up in select set boosters from New Capenna. It's unclear which set the Magic-themed Street Fighter cards will show up in, but we can likely expect them in either Dominaria or The Brothers' War later this year.


Are you hyped for the new Street Fighter Secret Lair? Which cards are you looking forward to trying out in your Commander builds? Let us know in the comments below or on social media!


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