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MTG Finance: The 'Shock'ingly Low Price of Enemy Fetches

Card: Scalding Tarn | Art: Philip Straub

MTG prices have always been an ebb and flow type of thing. Knowing when to buy, when to sell, and when to hold onto cards can make a big difference in your collection. In this write-up, I am going to be covering the current trending prices of cards.

This time, we'll focus on the notorious ten "fetch lands" and how reprints have affected their current and long-term values.

Fetching for Better Prices

For those not familiar, the ten fetch lands are divided into two categories. The first is the allied fetch lands, which were originally printed in Onslaught (2002). These lands have since been reprinted three times, the first of which was Khans of Tarkir (2014), followed by two additional printings in the form of Expeditions in the two different Zendikar sets.

The latter of these lands are referred to as the enemy fetches. These five saw their original printing in the first Zendikar set (2009) and have since had five reprintings. Modern Masters 2017 was the second appearance, followed by an Ultimate Secret Lair, two Zendikar sets as Expeditions, and finally, Modern Horizons 2.

These lands see play and are staples across multiple formats. This includes everything from Modern to Legacy and even Commander. Unfortunately, due to their high demand and until very recently, their rarity, obtaining these cards could really put the hurt on your bank account.

Fortunately, with the most recent printing in Modern Horizons 2, the enemy fetches have significantly dropped in price, which makes obtaining these previously expensive cards much easier. While the additional printings seemed to drive down the prices of the Zendikar Rising expeditions, the Battle For Zendikar expeditions remain mostly the same.

Before I dive into current pricing, I want to touch briefly on the pricing history of the enemy fetches. While the pricing of each card is not created equal, I am going to use Scalding Tarn as my first example. In April of 2019, this card reached its peak at just over $100. Considering that the exact same original Zendikar version is currently at $24 on, this is a steal!

However, there are so many different versions, which version is right for you, and more importantly for your wallet?

Modern Horizons 2 introduced a few additional variants, one being the gorgeous extended art versions, as well as the retro frames which showcased a more vintage look. Both of these also got foil treatments. Currently, the extended art version is sitting at $33, and the retro frame is at $50.

However, if you really want some wow in your deck, the Expeditions are even more stunning. The Zendikar Rising version sitting at $48 is a STEAL, but, unfortunately, if you're hoping to score the Battle For Zendikar version you're looking north of $250.

So, what is the right call for you? That depends. Everyone has style preferences and some people can't justify spending that much for a single copy of a land for the premium versions. In short, only you can make the financial decision.

If you're okay with not being flashy and you want to get in at the base level, the Modern Horizons 2 versions are very affordable. However, if you can afford to pay a bit more, I highly suggest the extended art or Zendikar Rising Expeditions. I think these two versions will hold their value more over time as they are more sought-after versions of the card.

The other four MH2 base versions and Zendikar Rising Expedition enemy fetches are as follows:

MH2 Base Version

ZNR Expedition









These are all very good prices, but they will not last forever. Inevitably, supplies will dry up and Modern Horizons 2 stock will dwindle. I look for these cards to slowly increase over time. They likely won't hit that $100 peak again, but I wouldn't be surprised to see them hit the $40 mark for the base models in a year or two.

As for the allied fetches, the prices are still tough to swallow with cards like Polluted Delta getting upwards of $40 for the base version. Rumor has it that Modern Horizons 3 will be printed in 2023 and will contain the allied fetches. From a finance standpoint, hopefully, that will be true. If you don't need the allied fetches right now, it is probably worth waiting to find out. If that rumor is true, the price will plummet and you can get yourself quite the deal!


What's your opinion on the price of enemy fetches? Do you plan on loading up before prices start to trend upwards? Or do you think they've hit a bottom where they'll stay? Let us know in the comments below or on social media!

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