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Dominaria United Release Date (Paper & Arena) and Spoiler Schedule

Karn is ready to unravel the mysteries of Phyrexia in Dominaria United, MTG's newest set.
Image: WotC

With the looming return of New Phyrexia, MTG fans are more than ready for Dominaria United to arrive. The set promises to deliver fan-favorite cards with plenty of flavor. It also marks the beginning of a new Standard season and the rotation of four sets.

So, what is Dominaria United's release date? On Arena and MTGO, the set launches September 1, 2022. In paper, Dominaria United releases September 9. Its prerelease weekend will take place September 2-4.

This breaks the pattern of digital release happening before paper that WotC used for New Capenna. Instead, it closely follows the release schedule players have grown used to over the past few sets.

Dominaria United Important Dates to Know

While the release dates for Dominaria United are the most important, there are other things to keep track of as well. Here are a few key dates for the set:

  • Dominaria United Story Published: August 10–18

  • 'A Look at Dominaria's History and Worldbuilding' WotC Stream: August 16

  • Debut Video and Previews Begin with Wizards Presents: August 18

  • Card Image Gallery Complete: August 26

  • Commander Previews Start: August 19

  • Commander Card Image Gallery Complete: August 22

  • MTG Arena and MTGO Release: September 1

  • Prerelease Events (including Dominaria United Jumpstart Boosters): September 2–8

  • Worldwide Release: September 9

  • Launch Weekend: September 9–11

  • Game Day: September 17

  • Commander Party Events: September 30–October 2

  • Store Championships: October 15–22

Dominaria United Theme and Story

Dominaria United promises fans an entertaining story as it kicks off a four-set arc. The story focuses on the planeswalker Karn as he travels through time to try and save the present.

While not fully confirmed, it is highly likely that we'll see a lot of Phyrexian influence in the set. One spoiler card, Evolved Sleeper, betrays this fact.

Meanwhile, it appears that all bets are off for fan-favorite characters. No one is safe from Phyrexian influence. Players will be on the edge of their seats to see if their favorite characters survive the coming onslaught.

If certain leaks are correct, the answer seems to be no.

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Dominaria United Lost Legends

WotC confirmed during a preview stream that players will also be able to pull super rare Lost Legends cards from the set. These are cards from the original printing of Legends that are included in a small percentage of collector boosters for Dominaria United.

The list includes high-value cards like The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale ($4,800), Moat ($1,170), The Abyss ($990), and Chains of Mephistopheles ($1,260).

While your chances of pulling one of these chase cards is slim, there will be a handful of lucky players who do while cracking packs. It's a little something extra to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Magic.


Stay tuned here at Bolt the Bird as we cover every aspect of Dominaria United's spoiler season. We'll also be looking at some of the best cards for your favorite formats.

Of course, we also have you covered for deck guides, metagame breakdowns, game theory articles, and much more!


What are you most hyped for in Dominaria United? Are you ready to see where the Phyrexian story arc leads? Share your craziest theories with us in the comments below or on social media!

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