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14 Best Magic: The Gathering Podcasts for Beginners and Competitive Players

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

There’s an abundant community of Magic: The Gathering players for just about every format you can think of. Of course, this means there are plenty of podcasts to enjoy. It can be difficult to find the best MTG podcasts, so we created a roundup of the best of the best.

In this post, you’ll find our take on the best MTG podcasts for beginners, competitive players, Commander fans, Limited players, and general casts that all Magic players can enjoy.

Let’s dive in!

Best MTG Podcasts for Beginners

Listening to a podcast can be a great way to learn the fundamentals of the game. It’s also a good way for new Magic players to get familiar with important cards, mechanics, and different formats.

Not all MTG podcasts are aimed at new players, but there are a few great choices for beginners.

Casual Try Hard MTG

Bryan and James do a fantastic job of making the Casual Try Hard podcast an entry point for new players. They cover topics like how to play at your local game store, how to build effective decks, and introductions to MTG finance and collection building.

This cast is advertised as a show for casuals and has a welcoming vibe that’s great for beginners. It’s a perfect starting place for anyone new to the game.

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Standard is one of the most popular formats for new players. PlanesTalkers focuses on Standard, making it a good place to start. The show’s hosts, Will and Aramis, cover a nice array of topics within the format.

Listeners can look forward to regular updates on the state of Standard, reviews of new sets, and analysis of decks that are currently popular in the format. PlanesTalkers is a great place for beginners and casual players alike to stay up to date on Magic’s ever-changing Standard format.

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Best MTG Podcasts for Competitive Players

Magic is a great game for casual players. However, it also offers plenty of opportunities for fierce competition and sharp high-level play. There are several excellent podcasts out there specifically geared towards competitive players, especially fans of Modern.

The MM Cast (Formerly The Masters of Modern)

Alex and Glenn of the MM Cast do a terrific job of spotlighting all those goes on in the world of Modern. Their analysis includes deck archetype breakdowns, new release speculations, and general updates on the format.

The MM Cast also plays host to a number of prolific guests, including “The Prof” of Tolarian Community College and high-level Magic pros. For players that want to improve their Modern games, this is the place to be.

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Constructed Resources

From Luis Scott-Vargas (LSV) and Andrew Baeckstrom, Constructed Resources offers a look at several formats, including Modern, Standard, and (less frequently) Pioneer and Commander. The hosts’ wealth of Magic knowledge gives the show awesome value for players that want to win more.

Listeners can look forward to in-depth set reviews, metagame breakdowns, and deck reviews week in and week out.

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Faithless Brewing

Another Modern-focused MTG podcast, Faithless Brewing offers a deep-dive into the format. Hosts Dan, David, and Damon also cover Pioneer for players looking to pilot their decks at a high level.

As the name suggests, the crew brews up spicy decks featuring interesting and powerful cards for both Modern and Pioneer. This is a great podcast for anyone in search of fun new decks to try out and spin off.

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The Dive Down

Competitive players that lean more towards the casual side may enjoy The Dive Down. Hosts Dave, Shane, and Stanislav discuss non-rotating formats like Modern, Pioneer, and Historic. They frequently discuss decks and archetypes in-depth and offer insights on how they work and what cards make them tick.

The Dive Down also features general updates for the aforementioned formats as well as covering spoilers for new sets.

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Arena Decklists

Focusing mainly on Standard and Modern, Platinum Pro and Pro Tour champ Gerry Thompson joins Bryan Gottlieb each week to discuss the constructed side of Magic.

The duo offers great insight into the week-to-week metagame. They also recommend what decks to play in upcoming tournaments and brief listeners on what to expect. This is a great way to prepare and get an edge on your opponents.

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Best MTG Podcasts for Commander Fans

Commander has quickly become more than just another Magic format. It has a huge following and is driving much of the demand for paper Magic cards. With that in mind, there are plenty of Commander podcasts to enjoy. Given the vast nature of the format, each Commander cast has something unique to offer.


EDHREC is an essential resource for Commander players and deckbuilders. It’s no surprise that the EDHRECast makes our list. Dana, Matt, and Joey analyze the stats and data to help you make decisions on what cards should make the cut for your 99.

There’s also a thriving Discord where Commander players come together to discuss their favorite cards, strategies, and gameplay tips.

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The Command Zone

The Command Zone is arguably the best Commander show on the web with its expertly produced episodes and a prolific roster of guests. Hosts Jimmy Wong and Josh Lee Kwai bring the same quality to their podcast.

Listeners should expect discussions on politics at the table, rundowns of budget decks, precon upgrades, and advice on gameplay and strategy. This is a fantastic podcast for Commander players that want general insights on their favorite format.

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Best MTG Podcasts for Limited Fans

Magic players know that Limited is an entirely different beast than Constructed. Play needs to be tighter, cards need to be evaluated in real time, and each decision has a bigger impact. That said, Limited podcasts are specialized for the uniqueness of Draft and Sealed.

Limited Resources

LSV is back, this time with co-host and long-time MTG broadcaster Marshall Sutcliffe. Limited Resources is one of the premier Limited podcasts out there and is perfect for players that want to level-up their game.

The podcast mainly focuses on Draft but does include insights that can be helpful for Sealed players. LSV’s hall of fame card evaluation is a gold mine for Limited players diving into a new set. The duo also offers plenty of general gameplay and decision-making tips to make you a better pilot.

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Lords of Limited

Ben and Ethan are the Lords of Limited and their cast backs it up. It is a great show for competitive drafters and players looking to take advantage of razor-thin edges.

The preparation show for each set offers a statistical breakdown of things like removal spells, power/toughness, and key mechanics. It's a great introduction to new cards and makes the perfect primer for drafters.

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Best MTG Podcasts for Everyone

Lots of Magic players enjoy slinging spells in several formats. For those wanting to stay up to date on what’s happening in the community, these general podcasts are a great listen.

MTG Goldfish Podcast

Seth (aka SaffronOlive), Richard, and Crim take on everything happening in the world of Magic each week on the MTG Goldfish Podcast. The trio offers an insightful and comedic take on the latest cards, WotC news, and metagames.

Listeners can expect plenty of hot takes from this crew and lots of laughter along the way. The MTG Goldfish Podcast offers a laid-back vibe for casuals and competitive players alike.

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Drive to Work Podcast

This one is unique given that it isn’t necessarily about current happenings. Instead, Magic’s Head Designer Mark Rosewater (aka Maro) breaks down topics like game design, theory, and why your favorite cards do what they do.

Drive to Work is an entertaining listen and you might just learn something new along the way. And yes, Maro really does make the podcast on his commute to work.

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Dies to Removal

The Professor and Pleasant Kenobi team up to bring Tolarian Community College fans a unique look into the world of Magic. Listeners can look forward to thoughtful discussions on a wide variety of topics.

Recent episodes explore things like power balance of new sets, constant artificial rotation, and analysis of different formats. It’s definitely worth a listen if you enjoy a no-holds-barred discussion of all-things Magic.

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Did we miss your favorite MTG podcast? Let us know in the comments below to spread the word and help us keep this list up to date!


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